Monday 7 November 2011

Liam Carey - Merlin Glass



Liam Carey at Work


Q So who is Liam Carey?

A quiet, introvert, eccentric artisan. Non competitive, always liked taking things to pieces to see how it works. Dreamy, passionate and loving!


Q Where in the world are you?

Located at my glassworks in Liskeard, Cornwall, England



Glass Blowing in the Studio


Q When did you decide to become a maker?

At the age of 16, I went to Liskeard Glass and within a week fell in love with the craft and art of glass making. At the age of 21, I took the opportunity to take over the glassworks and renamed it Merlin Glass.


love heart knobs

Love Handles 


Q What made you choose the materials that you work with?

Glass is a fascinating material and difficult to learn, which I was attracted to.


Q What other materials would you like to work in?

I work with other materials namely Metal and Wood; I would like to do more with other metals including Silver.



The Furnace known as The Glory Hole – temperatures can reach up to 1100°C


Q Where do you get your inspiration from?

My designs are made from inspiration, form and nature. Living in Cornwall it is surrounded by rugged coastline which has stimulated my thought provoking process.


Scent Bottles with Stoppers


Q What motivates you?

I like design evolution and the evolution of the making process, assessing it, looking at it and improving it, seeing what evolves and what is not obviously there before you get there.


Chequerboard Door Knobs – Frosted and Clear Glass


Q Do you create your work in a studio base or a home base?

My glassworks is located behind my house, so a big building in the yard!



The Glassworks


Q Crafts in the 21st Century – what does this mean to you?

The internet has the opportunity to reach out and connect with people in a way which has never been seen before. This could provide more opportunities to engage the crafts directly with customers.




Q How do you sell and promote your work?

When I started off the glassworks was open to the public where visitors would come and watch me make and have the opportunity to buy from my shop. When I started making the glass door knobs I closed the public access to the glassworks.

Now I sell my work through our shop, internet, architectural ironmongers, exhibitions and marketing. I have advertised through many different sources and more recently we have become involved in social media and often get asked for editorials. Word of mouth and reputation also has lead to a lot of sales and interest in my work including commissions.


Individually handmade Edwardian style solid glass cupboard knobs.


Q What is your typical working day look like?

If the furnace is on my whole lifestyle revolves around the furnace. I like to make at night, I find it quiet, trancelike and enjoy the flow.


Apple Green


Q What is your working style?

I like to listen to music and then my work time kind of flows. I plan what I am going make and work through, after making so many I have a break and then get back to it.


Millefiore – Decorated with Glass Beads From Murano in Italy


Q 3 words of advice for an aspiring Craft artist/maker...

Believe in yourself, open your eyes and mind to imagine what is not there, don’t be afraid to experiment.


Glass Donut Pendants for Jewellery Making


Q Who is/are your favourite artist(s)/maker(s)?

Picasso and Mary Martin a local landscape artist.


Daisy Door Knobs


Q What music do you listen to?

Boards of Canada, Tinariwen, loved listening to John Peel - RIP, Gotan Project, Air, The Fall, Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey, Nirvana, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, lots and lots more.....


Decorative Glass Flowers


Q  likes and dislikes?

Likes - Cycling, the weather, mountains, hand painted old cars.

Dislikes – dog poo in the street, aggressive driving, cheap sausages! Horrid plastic windows in beautiful houses.


Flower Vase – Combining Opaque and Transparent Glass


Q What do you do to relax?

A going to the beach, spending time with Darcie rose, swimming, cycling, walking,



Wave –Blown Glass Vase – 10cm high


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