Tuesday 9 August 2011

Li-Chu Wu


Q So who is Li-Chu Wu ?

Li-Chu is a Taiwanese jewellery designer maker who based in the UK.

Q Where in the world are you from?

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan.



Untitled (Necklace – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Q When did you decide to become a maker?

I trained in Jewellery Design and Making at Fu Jen Catholic University and graduated in 2006, then completed a Masters in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Products at Birmingham City University in 2009. I am now working independently as a jewellery designer-maker in Design Space.



Floral (Necklace – Paper)


Q What made you choose the materials that you work with?

Multiple layered paper interests me with its subtle movement and tactile qualities. I aim to recreate the link between the material and its original source in the natural environment and intend to show the values of material itself.



Untitled (Series of Three Bangles – Paper and Sterling Silver


Q What other materials would you like to work in?

Paper, metal(silver, gold), gemstones

Q Where do you get your inspiration from?

Natural forms, processes and movement inspire her to make a collection of paper jewellery.



Landscape II (Three Brooch Series – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Q What motivates you?

People who love my Jewellery, my families and friends.

Q Do you create your work in a studio base or a home base?

Both, I like to work in front of the bench and really enjoy the time while making jewellery. However working with paper needs a tidy place, therefore I always finished the paper part at home before I go into studio for my bench work.

Q Crafts in the 21st Century – what does this mean to you?

Contemporary, chose what you like, make everything possible.



Pebbles (Nine Brooch Series – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Q How do you sell and promote your work?

I sell my work in exhibition, trade/retail fair, on my website - and Esty.

Q What is your typical working day look like?

Get up at 10am, checking e-mail and work on computer, cooking, go to studio, bench work, go home at 6pm, cooking, stay late for the part of paper work, go to bed at 2pm.



Untitled (Ring – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Q What is your working style?

No rules or principles.

I spend a lot of time on exploring the nature, spend a lot of time on thinking and drawing but work efficiently while sitting in front of my bench.



Untitled (Three Rings – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Q 3 words of advice for an aspiring Craft artist/maker...

Be creative, be motivated, and love what you do.

Q Who is/are your favourite artist(s)/maker(s)?

Noriko Ambe

Q What music do you listen to?

Indie music



Blossom II  (Brooch – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Q 3 likes and dislikes?

Likes: Kings of Convenience, chocolate, my little pet

Dislikes: spring onion, things that didn’t go well as I expected, shortage of money



Untitled (Necklace – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Q What do you do to relax?

Go inline skating with my iPod



Grassland (Brooch – Paper and Sterling Silver)


Hazel Terry said...

This work is stunning, very inspiring post. thank you Tash

hector protector said...

what happens when it rains tash?

Tash Goswami said...

thanks Hazel and Hector for your comments - i am pretty sure that the work will be sealed in some way as to make it weather proof!

personally i love the laminated layer effect against the polished silver.

red road studio said...

What patience and detail! Love the pebbles - great work Tash! x

Tash Goswami said...

Thanks Red Road for your comments but I do have to point out that it is not my work but Li-Chu's work and i am just the messenger!