Tuesday 15 March 2011

Caroline Schofield

3. Posthumous memory. Selected for CCOI & GANS exhibition, Tread Softly

Posthumous Memory – selected for CCOI & GANS exhibition Tread Softly


So who is Caroline Schofield ?

I am a Textile Artist working in Endangered Studios and a member of Filament, a group of Irish Textile Artists who exhibit individually and as a group. This year we are working towards an exhibition in Airfield, a farm in the heart of Dublin. We have been given funding for this project from the Crafts Council of Ireland and DunLaoighaire/Rathdown Arts office.


2. Layers 800. Detail. Overlooking Kilkenny Castle

Layers 800 – Detail, Overlooking Kilkenny Castle


Where in the world are you?

I live in Kilkenny, Ireland. Kilkenny is a centre for Arts & Crafts with many Artists and Crafts people working in the area. It also has the Crafts Council of Ireland Headquarters and Gallery, Butler Gallery and an amazing Arts Office with one of the best Arts Officers in Ireland (in my opinion!).


When did you decide to become a maker?

About age 4!


1. Layers 800. Commission Kilkenny Courthouse. String & Fleece

Layers 800 – Commission Kilkenny Courthouse, String and Fleece


What made you choose the materials that you work with?

I mainly work in Textiles. I love the feel of them and being able to manipulate the fibres. My great grandfather came to Ireland as a master dyer, my grandfather and dad worked and my brother works in the Textile Trade. It’s in my blood.


What other materials would you like to work in?

I’d like to learn how to weld to combine other materials.


8. Woodstock. Detail of Public Art hangings made with public

Woodstock – Detail of Public Art Hangings made with the Public


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think ideas come from my own experiences in life but they are backed up with reading and research.


What motivates you?

Chasing down an idea! I love working with an idea and exploring it.


4. Installation, Unravelled Drawing

Installation – Unravelled Drawing


Do you create your work in a studio base or a home base?

I work in Endangered Studios in Callan. These artist studios are based in buildings that are to be re-built/constructed. When I started there, there were no windows or heat but I needed to work outside of home to take myself seriously. The building was to become a health centre but when funding fell through (due to the Irish economy) our studios became a bit more permanent. We now have windows and heat! It’s still very basic but it suits me as I have a large bright space and there is only ideas and work there.


Crafts in the 21st Century – what does this mean to you?

I would like to see craft and art on the same page. This language is still problematic in Ireland. I also hope it means that sculptural textiles is given as much recognition as sculpture in traditional hard forms.


5. Side by Side. Selected for CCOI Exhibition at the Hunt Muzeum

Side by Side – selected for CCOI Exhibition at the Hunt Museum


Q How do you sell and promote your work?

My work is one off and installation based so exhibiting, and submitting work to curated exhibitions, and looking for opportunities with my Arts Office and Crafts/Arts Council.

Last year I was shortlisted for a large commission piece, Layers 800  That came from doing a public art training project with Chrysalis and Kilkenny Arts Office.

My website :

9. Ebb & Flow. Selected for Sculpture in Context. Fleece & Cotton

Ebb & Flow – Selected for Sculpture in Context - Fleece and Cotton


What is your typical working day look like?

Hectic, with three children I work around them but that means I am always working.


What is your working style?

It can be chaotic when I am chasing an idea but once a piece has to be made it head down until the piece is finished.


6. Hunt Muzeum Mourning Pots

Mourning Pots – Hunt Museum


3 words of advice for an aspiring Craft artist/maker...

  1. Believe in yourself,
  2. Know your craft inside out,
  3. Get a good camera.


10. Reflected Growth. Selected for Sculpture in Context. Cotton & Rust, manipulated fabric

Reflected Growth – selected for Sculpture in Context - Cotton, Rust and Manipulated Fabric


Who is/are your favourite artist(s)/maker(s)?

Alice Maher


What music do you listen to?

Everything....but I love Opera and Choral Music.


7. Woodstock . Training for Real, Public Art

Woodstock – Training for Real, Public Art


3 likes and dislikes?


  • Exhibitions
  • Lecturers who open my mind!
  • Curators (good)


  • Politics, specifically Irish Government Parties
  • Lecturers that I need a dictionary to understand!
  • Curators (who believe they are more important than the work showing)

What do you do to relax?

Eat meals with my family and friends, read, play badminton.


11. Swimmer, Oil Paint & Pieced

Swimmer – Oil Paint and Pieced


red road studio said...

Stunning work and great interview - I remember seeing Caroline's work through 'Ebb and Flow'. Wonderfully organic and I love the scale. x

Anonymous said...

this is taking cloth to a totally different dimention. Intriguing! i would love to see the work in real life. Irene