Sunday 26 September 2010

Welcome to the New Online Resource for the World of Crafts

Well, here it is! I have finally done it after talking about it for so long. Awhile back I wished that there was an online place that one could visit to find out about makers - the story behind their passion and the lives that they lead.

There is an incredible world of very talented people who work away in various studio spaces and kitchen tables, making little and sometimes not so little creations. The hand made, the hand crafted, the skilled artisan- whatever you call them, they have been and will always be a valuable element in the fabric of society.

So who are these people, how do they make a living, why did they choose this path and what insights can they share? Hopefully this site will answer some of these questions.

So bear with us whilst it gets off the ground and bookmark this page, follow us and stay tuned because the world of the designer, maker, crafty shaper is about to be opened.

Tash Goswami


Hazel Terry said...

This is wonderful Tash and Shirley-Anne has got it off to a great start.

Tash Goswami said...

Thanks Hazel, Shirley-Anne and Shymerges work is really stunning.

Sidney said...

Hi great readding your post